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Evaluation Checklist

"Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions."

BDSA will not only help you decide whether it is an opportune time to sell your business, but provide feedback at the end based on the answers you choose.


1: Real profits are greater than $1 million

2: The company is losing money this year before owner's salary

3: The company needs a great deal more capital in the next three years than the owner(s) is/are prepared to provide

4: R&D was cut back last year

5: The company lost a major order or customer this year

6: Large competitors are getting larger and fewer companies are competing overall

7: There is increased foreign competition

8: A single owner runs the company

9: There are employment contracts with management

10: The owner is bored with the business - no further challenges

11: There are serious environmental problems which exist with land owned by the company

12: The owner would insist on an all cash transaction

13: Owner is willing to sell to a non-U.S. company

14: The owner wants to spend more time with a hobby or another business

15: The health of the owner is poor

16: The company represents the lion's share of the owner(s)'s wealth

17: Owner tried to sell before but couldn't "give it up"

18: The financials are audited by an outside firm

19: The company's industry has one or two companies controlling over 60% of the market

20: The company has complied with all EPA, OSHA, and other federal and state agency requirements

21: There is no threatened or pending litigation

22: Projections are favorable over the next few years

23: There are outstanding product warrantee issues

24: Returns and allowances have been high historically

25: The owner is willing to remain with the company after it is sold