When To Sell?

You may be wondering, "when is the best time to sell my company?" The best time to sell your company and receive the highest value for it is when business has never been better and growth prospects are at their highest.

BDSA has assembled a complimentary questionnaire to help you answer this question. Please take the questionnaire here.

Please reference the figure below. Point A represents a point that is too soon to sell your company. Potential acquirers will not believe your growth projections and the track record is too short. On the other hand, at Point C, your company has increased competition because of an industry in its late-growth stage, or your products have reached maturity, and your growth prospects are not as high as they once were. Buyers will be wary of paying too much.

Point B represents the optimal time to sell your company. Years of strong growth and robust profits lie ahead, and there is a track record of proven success. Buyers at Point B will pay a premium price to participate in the established history of prosperity and with the prospect of continued growth and success.