Completed Transactions

A representative sample of completed transactions is listed below:

Company Name

ALC Communications, Inc.
Allen Communications, Inc.
Audio Forum, Inc.
Barr Electric Corp.
Rebecca Blake, Inc.
Book Wholesalers, Inc.
Calidad Electronics, Inc.
M.C. Canfield & Sons, Inc.
Carnival Fruit, Inc.
Ceratech, Inc.
Cipher Digital, Inc.
Compliance Bar Corporation
Cooper Rand, Inc.
Cosrich, Inc.
Diagnostic Systemwide, Inc.
Electro-Hydraulics, Inc.
Firedoor Corp. of Florida
Granular Aluminum Products, Inc.
IEC Electronics Company
H. T. Aluminum, Inc.
Homer Homes Company
Hudson Broach, Inc.
Imprint Products, Inc.
International Spring, Inc.
iSentry International
Jamaica Broilers Group
Jay-El Products, Inc.
Jensen-Kelly, Inc.
Lauf, Inc.
Leslie Enterprises, Inc.
Ludwig Industries, Inc.
MacKnight Smoked Foods, Inc.
M.C. Canfield & Sons, Inc.
Medical Movements, Inc.
Merida Trading Corp.
Mom's Makings, Inc.
Movement Systems Company
M 2 M Company
New World Enterprises, Inc.
No Slip Products Company
Paper Plus, Inc.
Patapsco Designs, Inc.
Personalized Mailing, Inc.
Pulsar Products, Inc.
Roland Machinery, Inc.
Salmon Motors, Inc.
Santa Barbara Foods
Search Systems Corp.
Separation and Recovery Systems, Inc.
G. H. Skipper, Inc.
Sosebee, Inc.
Sports Tasks Trio
Sunstrand-Compressor Div.
Tavell Bros. Company
Texas Metal Works, Inc.
Touchtex Corp.
Tryst Morris Company
Zomanski Enterprises, Inc.


Telephone service provider
Multimedia producer
Tape publisher
Electrical contractor
Fashion photography
Children's educational distributor
Circuit board manufacturer
Solder manufacturer
Produce wholesaler
Manufacturer collector plates
Computer software
Security systems
Direct mail syndicator
Cosmetic manufacturer
Camera scanner
Farm equipment builder
Teflon manufacturer
Door manufacturer
Metal manufacturer
Contract manufacturer
Metal manufacturer
Home manufacturer
Broach manufacturer
Stationery manufacturer
Spring manufacturer
Software creation and development
Ink manufacturer
Agricultural conglomerate
Switch manufacturer
Aircraft components
Casinos and motels
Corporate incentive programs
Metal parts manufacturer
Food producer, Smoker of fish
Solder manufacturer
Imaging services
Computer reseller
Giftware distributor
Personnel training
Communication equipment
Language courses
Materials handling
Paper distributor
Computer hardware
Direct mail services
Thermoplastics manufacturer
Equipment distributor
Process control
Manufacturer of specialty foods
Surveillance equipment
Filtration systems manufacturer
Utility services
Restaurant chain
Shaver manufacturer
Training centers
Compressor manufacturer
Metals fabricator
Flange manufacturer
Keyboard manufacturer
Automotive systems
E-mail delivery